Ansel Adams is calling.

Since I was a child I have been mesmerised by the raw and dramatic beauty of Ansel Adams' photographs. I love black and white images and the different tones in his photos are so diverse, yet so subtile. It is the combination of all of these tones and his use of natural light which create the depth and dimension we have come to know as a recognisable Ansel Adams photograph. His commitment to obtaining the perfect photo was unparalleled and is well documented. His creation of the Zone System enabled him to create his images with mathematical precision. He would often stay out in his beloved Yosemite Valley for days at a stretch to reproduce the perfect image that he saw in his mind's eye. I have dreamt of visiting Yosemite Valley for decades to follow on the footsteps of Ansel Adams, and this summer my dream is finally coming true. In the upcoming months, I will be following Ansel's footsteps and seeing what he saw, albeit with a digital DLSR, but with a similar amount of unbridled passion. Of that I am sure.  So stay tuned to see the photos from one of my 'bucket list' adventures.