Vernissage - Into the Light


 On Friday, December 22, 2017, with my Vernissage and Exhibition 'Into the Light', I brought my Swiss mountain photos home. This two year journey of photographing mountains in Graubünden coincided with a major life change for me. Changes in my personal and professional life: death, divorce, chaos, new adventures and a new life. These mountains provided me with a metaphor for life - obstacles, challenges, darkness, happiness, light and summits finally reached. It is in the wide open spaces of being in nature with only these massive edifices in my view that I was able to see clearly my path and find my purpose. The story is in my photos. Where the mountain represents the journey, the summit represents the success.   

People have often asked me why I show my work in black and white, and I always respond that it is simply how I see nature. I see beyond the colours to the forms - I see the light and the shadows. It is in the juxtaposition of these two elements that I see the form. Colour often detracts from these basic elements and when it is removed I can see structures with clarity.

I was thrilled when Wera Graber invited me to show my photos at her Restaurant Dorta, in Zuoz. Wera has been supporting artists for years by hosting exhibitions in her culinary Mecca. As well, Martin Müller, director from the art Hotel Castell assisted in organising the Vernissage by the initial introduction and as well, hosting many friends and collectors who had come from all over for the Vernissage.  It was an amazing opportunity for me to show my mountain photos in the place where they were taken. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me and for those who are interested, the Exhibiton is on until April 9, 2018. So if you are passing through the Engadin, stop in at the Dorta for the most amazing Fondue, and a viewing of 'Into the Light', finished with a cocktail in the famous Red Bar of the nearby Hotel Castell.  

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