Vernissage - "Summits" Part Two

On Saturday February 21, my photography exhibition 'Summits' opened with a day long Vernissage. The doors opened at 10:00 and I stood wondering if anyone would show up. It was kind of like that feeling of yonder years when you wonder if people will show up to your party. It was a cold, grey Saturday and I thought that many people would be escaping to the sun and snow for sure to be found in the mountains. I arrived just before the opening, poured myself a glass of water and waited. At 10:00 am we unlocked the doors and  people immediately started arriving. All kinds of people. Friends, former classmates from language and photography school, people whom I have gone on remote photography trips with, former teachers of mine and my children's, neighbors and clients of the gallery. It was a full house all day and I honestly had no idea I could talk so much. It was inspiring to hear the guest's stories of their experiences in the mountains whose very images were hanging on the wall. It seems everyone loves the mountains. And everyone has a story to share. I love stories. A few older gentlemen shared their personal stories of climbing some of the mountains when they were younger, and as they looked at the images I could sense them vividly remembering each step of their trek. It was a magical day for me to share my photos and to watch the visceral reactions they evoked. Here are some of images of the day.

Stay tuned for part three - Summits - 'Into the Light'