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I am a Canadian living in Switzerland who is passionate about adventure, nature and the planet. I grew up in Burnaby, B.C., but as a young adult I spent every summer for over a decade in the Yukon which is wild, raw and amazing for the visual senses. This experience in the pristine nature left an indelible impression in my mind - one of mountains, valleys and rivers relatively uninhabited except for the wild animals who roamed them. But mostly this left an imprint in my heart and it is where I now feel most at home; in the mountains and in nature.

I took a circuitous and adventurous route to get to where I am today, first by studying for my private pilots licence at 21 (since having a small plane was akin to having a second car in the Yukon), then later going to University to study for a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and then a JD in Law. To finance my seemingly never-ending studies, I returned to the Yukon where I spent the summers earning money by driving heavy equipment in open pit gold mines. Having spent so much time in the 'Paris of the North' as Dawson City, Yukon was called during the Klondike Gold Rush, I longed to experience the real Paris, so when I finished my law studies I bravely (or stupidly) decided to move there and study Art and History at the Sorbonne. My time spent in Paris and traveling around Europe had left an unrelenting need to nurture the creative side of my soul. I acquiesced to that need and upon moving back to Vancouver I opened a factory where I designed and manufactured soft furnishings and bedding for the home made from beautiful fabrics I discovered in Europe. During the beginning stages of my business I wore many hats from designer, production supervisor and quality control to overseeing the photography of and often photographing my products. I eventually sold this business but the desire for photography never waned.

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Dawna Mueller on Ice Caps
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Photography has been my hobby since I had my first camera as an adolescent. My earliest memories were experimenting with my mother’s Brownie Box Camera when I was still a child. At this point in my life, with some major personal changes taking place, I have taken my passion for photography, combined with my love of nature and the outdoors and turned it into a full time exciting adventure. As of June 2016, I finished a one year professional photography studies program with CAP Fotoschule in Zurich. Since this time I have been working as a environmental landscape photographer specialising in Alpine and Polar regions. For the last few years I have been documenting the changing nature of the landscape due to environmental issues like global warming and the effects of climate change. I want to show the beauty of what I see in these rapidly changing landscapes because I truly believe that people will be motivated to protect that which they love. I feel privileged to be able to travel to the earth's most remote regions to capture images which I can share with others. The images I take and the stories behind their changing faces moves me and I have dedicated myself to this work in the hopes that it will move others and that collectively we can work together as a community to preserve our planet.


2017 January to March - 'Summits' at StileVivo Gallery in Männedorf, Switzerland

2017 January to April 2018 - 'Into the Light' at Dorta in Zuoz, Switzerland

2018 January 12 - 16 - 'Summits II' at Photo18, Zurich, Switzerland

2018 June to December - Licht Gestalten Ausstellung, St. Gallen, Switzerland

2018 October 12 - 27 - ‘Anthropocene – Vanishing Landscapes’, Vancouver, BC

On location

On location

Next to the Morteratsch Glacier

Next to the Morteratsch Glacier